1. Circular Economy – New Legislative Framework Requirements
  • EU Announcement concerning WtE (DGENVI, Ministry of Environment – GREECE)
  • WFD Revision
  1. National Waste Management Plan – Regional Planning
  • Revision of the National Waste Management Plan according to the newest directions of the EU for Circular Economy
  • Dangerous Deadlocks, problems and opportunities at specific Greek Regions (Attika, Corfu, Zante, Peloponnese etc)
  1. Waste Management Technologies and Techniques (Alternative Management Technologies and others)
  • Prevention – Waste Reduction Techniques – Reuse
  • Recycling, Energy Recovery, Disposal – Recovery and Utilization of Municipal Waste dry fraction
  • Bio-Waste Recovery and Utilization
  • Energy Recovery from Waste
  • Recycling / Thermal treatment.
  • Co-processing in Cement Industry – EU Practices
  • Industrial Waste Management – Hazardous Waste Management
  • Management and utilization of special waste streams (sludge, livestock, agricultural etc.)
  • Informal Recycling
  • Disposal possibilities for the products of waste treatment units – Product Market
  1. Alternative Waste Management Systems
  • Packaging
  • WEEE
  • Batteries
  • Vehicles at the end of their lifecycle
  • Waste from Excavations and Demolitions
  • Used Mineral Oils
  • Used Edible Oils
  1. Separation at Source / Automatic Separation Systems of Mixed Waste
  2. Financial Tools – Financial Dimension of Solid Waste Management
  3. Institutional Framework for the Implementation of Solid Waste Management Actions (Solid Waste Management Entities, Licensing, Project Auctioning, PPP etc.)
  4. Integrated Solid Waste Management at regions of special characteristics (Islands, Tourist attractions’ areas, Distant regions, Mountain areas)
  5. Methods and Systems for training / Public Awareness /Citizens Reward and Payt – Training and Skills Certification
  6. Successful Case Studies for Recycling at Source and Biowaste in Greece
  7. Tourism, Catering, Littering and Circular Economy
  8. Marine Pollution Management
  9. Procedures for reaching a Social Agreement for the construction of treatment infrastructures